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Our Services

We provide turnkey design solutions, ensuring your event is a top-of-the-line performance your audience won't forget.

Creative Direction

Creative Directors and Production Designers work hand in hand. CDs imagine the world and create the story to be told while PDs bring the elements and setting of that story to life!

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Lighting Design

Lighting Designers work as part of the design team, bringing solid technical acumen and sensitive design technique to any project. The visual services we provide can make or break the success of a project.

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Video & Special FX Design

With the use of video to help an audience visualize the story's setting and combining special fx ranging from pyrotechnics, lasers and automation effects, your performance will truly be unforgettable.

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Set Design

Set Designers establish the physical worlds, setting the mood, time, and place of the story. We work in harmony with the Creative Director, Lighting Designer and Production Designer to make a strong visual impact.

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"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."

– Dieter Rams

Featured Work

Check out our exceptional design work, attaining all the design aesthetics and functionality that makes our work stand out from the rest.

Why DK

DK Production Design utilizes the latest technologies in design and production. At DK, our clients have access to an innovative pool of talent ready to take an idea and creatively build it into reality.

About Us

After assessing your needs, we will create a custom environmental design backed with a budget conscious production that stimulates, entertains, and catches eyes.

Our Mission

To foster a lifestyle that enables us to put our client's needs first. We provide the means to creative, economical, and responsible design.

Who We Are

We are designers with extensive lighting, video, and production backgrounds with years of touring experience domestic and international.

How We Work

We harness synergy within a collective of artists who are dedicated to exploring ideas with new emerging technologies. We make your complex desires a reality.

Our Commitment

We commit to our clients satisfaction from beginning to end with the intention to build a solid, long lasting relationship.

Meet the Team

We're proud of our team which always strive hard to deliver contagious success and desired results, while having a great time doing it!

    SURATIN has extensive experience in the service industry working as a server and assistant team manager at a major casino in Macau.

    With hospitality and decor coming second nature to her, she is the heart and soul of the office.  With duties from taking care of office and employee needs to servicing clients, guests, and events, everybody gets a little at home feeling when she is around.

    COLE YATES attained his Undergraduate Degree in Geography & Visual Art from The University of Western Ontario and his Masters Degree in Resource Management from The University of the West Indies in Barbados.

    Cole has a wide rage of experience in areas such as the film industry, visual art, and management. During his time at Apple he also gained a great amount of knowledge in marketing. He brings a gamut of skills to DK allowing him to help provide clients with the service they deserve.

    TYLER started editing videos and VFX at age 15 and has been crafting his skills for over 10 years.

    After attending Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago for post production, he expanded his skills into web and graphic design. As a part time freelancer while working at a warehouse, Tyler was spotted by DK after creating a promotional video for an event called DurtyTalk. He was then hired within a month of posting the video to social media. An entirely new position in DK was created to bring Tyler on the team and utilize every skill he had.

    AKILAH, a Human Resources professional, has extensive experience in both the operational and strategic facets of HR.

    Her previous employment with consulting firms allowed Akilah to gain diverse experience working with companies of varying sizes, structures and lines of business. Although a newcomer to the entertainment industry, Akilah’s previous experience in addition to her enthusiasm and ability to adapt makes her quite the asset to the DK Team. Akilah earned her BSc. in Psychology with Sociology and MSc. in Labour and Employment Relations from the University of the West Indies in Barbados.

    DAUNTE KENNER, is the founder of DK Production Design LLC, a design firm that services the creative needs of entertainers and visually supports the agendas of its corporate clients

    Mr. Kenner’s career in entertainment started as a concert promoter with the co-founded company Plantations Productions. He worked towards his B.F.A. with a concentration in Film at the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin while producing over 32 events with Plantations and simultaneously dabbling in his lighting design hobby. Plantations was forced to close its doors in 2002, freeing up more time to develop his design skills that were quickly gaining attention. Daunte worked full-time as a designer and technician for several production vendors before starting DK Production Design in May of 2005. Under his creative direction, Daunte has grown the company’s portfolio of clients ranging from rock to politics and most recently the addition of Creative Spaces; a network of vendor neutral studios that enable the creator the ability to discover the best solutions for their projects in comfortable home-like settings.

    NATHAN DAVIS studied for business at Mid-State Technical College and Computer Science at UW-Milwaukee before diving head first into the entertainment industry.

    With his passion for creativity renewed, he has become a huge part of building DK from the ground up. Specializing in Lighting Design, Video Design, Directing, Control Systems Programming, and Video Editing, he has the ability to transform a typical show into a captivating visual experience.

Recent News

We always make sure you get the latest updates from DK, therefore we have crafted a well organized blog to share what is going on at all times

06 Mar

Grammy Award-winning singer, composer, producer, and actor Ne-Yo knows how to to nail an act and please most females in the audience. At his show on Sunday, the last day of the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2017, […]

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06 Mar

Jakarta. It’s not always jazz that drives visitors, but also big international acts such as Ne-Yo, a United States-based R&B chart-topper was the star of Sunday’s (05/03) Java Jazz Festival at JIExpo Kemayoran in North Jakarta. Starting […]

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