Light is a technically difficult yet astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines. A lighting design practice integrates the arts and sciences of illumination design and implementation far beyond concerns of visibility in foot candles. Lighting Designers work as part of the design team, bringing solid technical acumen and sensitive design technique to any project. The visual services we provide can make or break the success of a project.

"A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world."

– Paul Lynde

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Many are unaware of the advantages an LD can bring to today’s design and construction process. Vendors will commonly choose gear that is already in their inventory often making crucial detrimental sacrifices to leverage profit over achieving the aesthetics of the design. Using technology to our advantage bridged with continuous education and the art of negotiation we develop a solid technique that delivers the best design possible.

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