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06 Mar

Jakarta. It’s not always jazz that drives visitors, but also big international acts such as Ne-Yo, a United States-based R&B chart-topper was the star of Sunday’s (05/03) Java Jazz Festival at JIExpo Kemayoran in North Jakarta.

Starting his performance at 6.45 p.m., Ne-Yo captivated the crowd with “Let’s Go” and “She Knows,” sending the crowd into a frenzy.

After “Miss Independent” and “Because of You,” Ne-Yo channeled a few of Michael Jackson’s dance moves, making the audience scream in excitement and every song was met with loud cheer.

“I can’t keep the sweat from falling down my face. I can barely see you but we can work through it,” he said.

He continued with the upbeat “Nobody,” “Body on You” and “Champagne Life” with his two backup dancers.

It takes serious star power to turn the saddest songs into the loudest, most exuberant sing-along session, and that was the case when Ne-Yo sang power ballads, including “So Sick.”

In the middle of the song, Ne-Yo told everybody to “put the lights up.” He did not need to ask twice before everyone waved their phones in the air.

“So Sick” received the loudest applause before and after it was played.

Ne-Yo sang three more songs before a singalong with “Mad.” The lighting and backdrop then changed from a fiery red to a blue and green combination when singing “Beautiful Monster.”

The lights on stage were off for a moment then sounds came back on, along with two screens beside the stage. Ne-Yo turned the show into a mild rave party with electronic dance tunes including “Play Hard,” “Give Me Everything,” and the remixed version of “Let Me Love You.”

After, Ne-Yo thanked the Java Jazz organizers and bade the audience farewell as the night officially ended for Ne-Yo fans no matter how much or how loud they chanted for more.

Original article by Jakarta Glob