Proper and creative use of special FX will bring the shock and awe to any performance. Tactical use of special FX can range from simple atmospheric effects to pyrotechnics, laser and automation effects. Working closely with the entire design team, our special FX designers make our stories magically come to life with custom designed props, automated fly systems, unique video medium, lifts, moving floors and walls.

"When the special effects are at the service of the story and draw you into it, that is really the magic."

– Bill Sienkiewicz

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We also provide high quality custom video content that utilizes the content creators skills to create high quality 3D animations and effects that will compliment the entire design. This is for the artists who have a little extra in their pocket they are willing to invest in a great performance. We specialize in a cost saving form of video deliverance that involves editing mainly. We use royalty free, out of copyright, licensed, and simply created textures when developing your video show. This can be a powerful but low costs method of video content development.

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